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We create living space for humans

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As you can see in my attached curriculum vitae below, I am what you call “an old hand” in building trade. I passed through nearly all fields of work and positions, and proved, according to my age, what one thinks to have to prove.

In the recent years I started rather by accident to build in another new way. And to my own surprise I discovered, that it came more and more from the bottom of my heart.

A location, an old house, a parcel of land, a situation - everything has its own (hi)story, which it is eager to tell us – if we are ready to listen!

Building business as we know it today, is so much blocked by regulations, costs, by “anything-but-making-a-mistake”, by “what-would-the-others-say”, by all kinds of discords in heads and hearts – that the basic request has been almost forgotten, namely to create living space for humans.

In the context of location, material, needs, history, and nature – we develop integral solutions mutually agreed with the interested persons, making a place worth living. And for that purpose we have to use a variety of new ways.

This we call Holotecture.

Nicholas Ramuel

professional stations:

  • since 2010 Anturus managing director
  • 1998 – 2009 PORR project leader, director, developer
  • 1996 – 1998 FTW – SAKO managing director
  • 1990 – 1995 Hans Hitthaller deputy director
  • 1985 – 1990 Hofman & Maculan site manager
  • 1983 – 1985 Rauppach work preparation

DI Nicholas Ramuel
Mob : +43-664 7320 5606
E mail :

Landscapes, building plots, places, are as alive to me as the people living there: Every human and every place, every spot on this planet has its very own (hi)story. By interaction between humans and their surroundings something special and new will always come into being. This again will change both – in the best case for (their mutual) advantage of both sides. Thus we consider the products of Anturus as results of a common process, an interaction of local conditions, customers’ profile and building skills (know how). It is a most creative process uniting natural conditions to personal cultural demands in a solid professional carrying out.

Decades of educational experiences with people of all ages, social classes and most different cultural backgrounds have developed my faculty of communication as well as my reception of individual human needs. My lifelong artistic activity has refined my joy of creativity and my love up to the last detail. Finally the philosophical search for the ever (more elaborate) greater context quite spontaneously led to the idea of Holotecture – the practical aesthetics of a building method, including all participating single aspects in one. If as an artist or a teacher - the request of my heart always was to reach, to inspire, to touch other humans.

Therefore it is my part in our company to take care of our customers, and to ac-company them. “Public Relations”, “Communication”, and “Marketing” are the current terms for my activities. To my mind respect, dedication and a high (distinctive) sense of responsibility are unforgiving conditions to support our customers in several respects in realizing their wishes.

Verena Ramuel

professional stations:

  • Professional Dancer, Drummer& Musician – international activity
  • Principal of the “Private School for Ballet Technique and Choreography” Schorndorf/Stuttgart
  • Music & Rhythmic Teacher, Teacher for Philosophy & German Literature
  • Concerts (Chamber Music), international activity
  • Language Assistant for seminar, B.C., M.A. and doctorate papers/theses
  • Freelance author

Verena Ramuel PhD
Mob : +43 664 7320 5605
E-mail :

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