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We create living space for humans

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Anturus – Our Philosophy

As each real „philosophy“ first of all defines – or creates, if necessary - its terms, also our company’s profile summarizes our intentions, fields of work and visions in a central term. We chose the concept of “Holotecture” in contrast to Architecture as the conventional art of building in general as well as to “Biotecture” as developed by M. Reynolds in his Earthship conception in special: Architecture concentrates on planning buildings and their construction, technical realization at a respective place. Biotecture strives for the most possible autonomy (off-grid) and decentralized embedment of the house in its natural environment. Apart from the possible use of natural resources Holotecture embraces a special attention to the cultural background and the historical imprint of a location – as well as to the personality of the single customer(s).

Now we do not intend to write a philosophical treatise, but to build houses, moreover to create living products – namely Living Space for Humans. That is why delimitation can be kept short here; and instead of a philosophical proof or conclusion we let our already existing products talk about themselves and us. For what counts especially in building is: All theory is grey.

Anturus considers its foremost task in developing and conveying integral forms of life and living, evolving organic entities that are’alive’. That is why each product is unique, an original. And this is more than a publicity slogan: What is more natural than to depict an individual resident in his/her particular surroundings. Accordingly the range of our offers is very wide – from the “Luxury-City-Loft” in the centre of Vienna to the romantic weekend cottage or even an orphanage in one of the poorest countries on earth.

The best way to understand Holotecture consists in visiting, in experiencing our reverence projects, and in listening to their stories. And who knows – maybe you will join us for a while for a common adventure trip leading to your own personal, unmistakable living space. Looking forward to that

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Verena & Nicholas




Anturus – the Logo

Four circles in one, connected by a cross(roads), in the centre the common intersection (interface) – point of decision and differentiation as well as meeting and agreement. Each individual (single) part remains unscathed, what and how it is; at the same time (simultaneously) all parts together form one single greater whole.

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