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„Kucica“ - an Oak-Cottage in Croatia

In Dugo Selo (25 km away from Zagreb) a 160 year old cottage made of oak wood was completely reconstructed. Though the complete cottage was in an extremly poor general condition, the basic oak–shell had remained undestructed. The little house was surrounded by a circle of trees and orientated nearly exactly in north-south direction which proves a basically most careful and conscious design.



The technical installations as electrical and water systems were obviously already antiquated when they were inserted into the original cottage,and had to be totally renewed during the reconstruction. Heating is now adopted to the use as a weekend house by installation of an air-conditioning system for combined heating and cooling device.

Nevertheless the old existing tile stove is able to provide a cosy warmth when the cottage is used over a longer period of time. The roof had to be rebuilt completely new. All „beautifications“ added during the centuries were removed to peel out the original character of the cottage again. To avoid the rays of the nearby located antenna mast a Faraday-cage was created by including a layer of metal lamination in the roof construction.


After finalisation of the reconstruction the „Kucica“ was able to create and develop a very special atmosphere of peace and silence.

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